Dr. Daskalov

Private Clinic for Plastic and Reconstructive & Esthetic Surgery

Subspecialist in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery & Esthetic surgery and Specialist in General surgery.

Dr. Daskalov Ognjen is born in Skopje 1961, graduated from University Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Medicine in Skopje 1984 and specialized in General Surgery in University Clinical Centre of Macedonia in 1992,subspecialization in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery 1996 in University Clinical Centre where he worked until 2007. He attended the professional training at prominent centers, 6months in France-Lyon (Dr. J. L. Foyatier, Dr. C. Masson and Dr. E. Dellay) 1993, 6months in Barcelona-Spain Dr.Antonio Tapia 1998. He has been implementing new and advanced surgical techniques and minimally invasive procedures in Plastic surgery as well as for the first time in our country he implemented breast reconstruction, liposuction, lipofilling, skin-expanders, micro surgery, fasciocutaneus flaps, new and advanced techniques for face lift, rhinoseptoplasty , breast surgery and anti ageing treatments.

On his great happiness and satisfaction he had the opportunity to learn from the doyens and one of the founders of the Macedonian plastic surgery under Dr. Andrea Mishkovski. His surgical techniques and knowledge, who was a student of Dr.J. Baron (England), educated generations of surgeons and made them equally educated with the colleagues from the Yugoslav region and opened their doors to work in Europe and across the world. With great pleasure he mentions Prof. Dr. D. Mirchevska, Dr. L. Boskovski who was founder of modern microsurgery and hand surgery in Macedonia, Dr. L. Damevska and Prof. Dr. Dz. Dzokic.

He finished at the medical school in Skopje in 1984 with an average score 8,8. From 1985 he started his voluntary work on the University Clinic for Plastic and Reconstructive surgery in Skopje, he started with his specialization in General Surgery on 1988-92, and subspecialisation in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from 1994-96. Dr Daskalov Ognjen was appointed an assistant at the surgery department with the Medical school in Skopje in 1992. Since then he participated in numerous congress activities such as Ljubljana 1989, Zagreb 1990. In 1996 passed the subspecialist exam. In 1993 he stayed 6 months in Hospital Saint Luc-Lyon, France, Cervice De Chirurgie Plastique et Reparatrice, Center des Brules (burn center), Dr.C.Masson and Dr. Foyatier. In May 1993 he continued his practice in Lyon-France in Centre regional Leon Berard, Plastic et Reconstrurice, Dr. E. Dellay. In 1998 he stays for 6 months in Barcelona-Spain in the Quiron Hospital de Barcelona on the team with the best plastic surgeon in Spain, Dr. Antonio Tapia. In 1999 he becomes the chief of the Surgery Department of the clinic for Plastic and Reconstructive surgery till 2007 when he leaves in private practice. From 2003-2009 was the president of MAPREH Macedonian Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Author of more than 40 scientific reports and professional papers for Plastic surgery ,with almost all of them presented at local and international conventions, and many publications in scientific magazines such as: tissue expanders, breast reconstruction and reconstruction on congenital anomalies (Cheilognatopalato schisis).aesthetic surgery of nose, breasts etc. Since 2007 he opens his private clinic and starts to operate in the private hospitals Sistina and ReMedika and from 2013 he works only in his private clinic and Re Medika private general hospital.

Patient Info

Preparation for Surgery
Before your scheduled appointment for surgery, you must take care of the recommendations given to you by the doctor from the previous reviews and consultations (physical activity, nutrition, rest and medications if necessary).
After interventions under general anesthesia is necessary to stay in hospital for one or two days. The operations under general anesthesia are performed in the general hospital Remedika.
During your stay in the hospital there is a staff at your disposal composed of a nurse, anesthesiologist and surgeon who guarantee 24 hour care. Patient documentation is strictly guaranteed.

Most frequent questions

For interventions under general anesthesia food and drinks are not allowed 4 to 6 hours before the operation. For interventions in local anaesthesia food and non alcoholic beverages are allowed.
Jewellery and piercing should be removed before the operation as well as the makeup.
Smoking is strictly forbidden during your stay at the hospital.